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JenJoy Roybal is an artist, urbanist, writer, editor, and digital content creator. She is inspired by humanity's oldest stories and artworks related to sacred rituals and sacred space. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Master of Urban Planning and Design from The Bernard and Anne Spritzer School of Architecture, City College New York.

Highlighted Series 



The Durga series are monographs of ink and acrylic with strong calligraphy elements punctuated by bold colorful shapes. Body movement and energy are what drive the marks. The pieces are meant to be hung in sequences with natural light illuminating from behind to emphasize transparency and accentuate the glowing quality of the paper.




















Tuck & Roll

A few years back I saw a figure tucked in a ball on the right side of a large Tibetan mural and it triggered a significant memory about resiliency – On the first day of class as a young gymnast, I was taught how to crash or “tuck and roll". It was a practical exercise for the many risks to come. Revisiting this memory ignited the idea of “tucking and rolling” through the ups and downs in life while also reflecting on events unfolding in the world. I explored this concept through prints, gifs and paintings.      

Tel: 646-670-3310

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